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Welcome to part two of our short series on hiring the right contractor for the job. Let’s start off with another story. I have a friend who hired an electrician to do a rewiring project in her home. Like we talked about in last week’s blog, the contractor underbid her for the project. Not only that, it became apparent that he wasn’t qualified to do the job.

After the project started dragging on for weeks, it was obvious that things were not going according to plan. Eventually, the contractor left the job site unfinished. Not only had he bitten off more than he cold chew with the project, but he was also inexperienced in bidding. An experienced contractor knows the scope of project they can handle, hopefully because they’ve done many, many similar jobs in the past! They also know exactly how much to charge to have the job make sense financially.


Steps to Choosing the Right Contractor

These mistakes can be costly for the homeowner, but they can all be avoided if you take the right steps.

  • Evaluate any contractor for yourself, don’t just hire them for the cost. Positive word-of-mouth experiences are incredibly helpful.
  • Check out a contractor’s reviews, their website, and any other means that you have to verify their credibility.
  • If possible, seek out an established contracting company. It doesn’t have to be a large organization, but a contractor with a solid business model is ideal. They should be legally certified and experienced.

A good contractor knows how much to charge in order to run a business and remain fair and competitive. They have the resources, equipment and experience of running a competent and successful contracting business. When it comes to your home, seek out someone reputable. Don’t just settle for any random contractor–it pays to do your homework! Contact the team at Oxland Builders to learn more.

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