By: mica On: December 01, 2016 In: News Comments: 0

I wanted to share a story with you about hiring contractors. If you’ve ever had any type of home repair, remodeling, or had a home built, you’ve probably hired a contractor. Hiring the right contractor for the job is essential, and it can mean the difference between a great...

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By: mica On: November 17, 2016 In: News Comments: 0

Winter is that season you either love or hate; getting bundled up to brave the cold is an inconvenience to some, while walking through a crystal-covered city is another person’s perfect afternoon. Either way, it takes just a little extra effort to get ready for winter. Keeping your home...

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By: mica On: November 08, 2016 In: News Comments: 0

It’s getting to be the time of year when folks head indoors to get away from the colder temperatures. And as the walls seem to get closer and closer over the winter months, little ideas about how to spruce things up start popping up. DIY projects start to seem...

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By: mica On: October 20, 2016 In: News Comments: 0

Lots of change is happening at this time of the year: new school routines, the weather is changing, and the days are getting shorter and colder. More and more time will be spent inside, cozied up and safe from the dropping temperatures. In order to make sure that your...

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By: mica On: October 18, 2016 In: News Comments: 0

Our homes are the focal point of most of our lives: we live there, eat there, grow up, and sometimes, come back there. Finding the right people to do any type of custom building or work in your home can be nerve-wracking. It seems like you can either find...

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