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In this month’s blog, Oxland’s Brad Sawler, President of the Seacoast NH Home Builders Association, talks about Tiny House...

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Your kitchen is more than a place to prepare and serve meals. Your kitchen is a place for gathering,...

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Welcome to the workshop! Dust off a bench and have a seat. We want to tell you a little...

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In last month’s blog, we explained how Remodeling magazine’s Annual Cost vs. Value Report is a great tool for homeowners to use...

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You’re ready to make some serious home improvements, but you have no idea how much your projects will cost....

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We live in a do-it-yourself era: information is at our fingertips, tools and ideas are more available than ever,...

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The do-it-yourself home improvement industry is booming these days, and it’s no wonder with the explosion of DIY television...

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THIS MONTH IN HISTORY The month of January is rich with historic moments! Did you know that New Hampshire history stood...

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Welcome back to our discussion about Contractor Licensing in New Hampshire, based on the recent NHPR podcast on this...

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Did you know? Contractors and home builders in New Hampshire are not required be licensed. Not only that, there...

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