By: mica On: December 22, 2016 In: News Comments: 0

Welcome to part two of our short series on hiring the right contractor for the job. Let’s start off with another story. I have a friend who hired an electrician to do a rewiring project in her home. Like we talked about in last week’s blog, the contractor underbid...

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By: mica On: December 01, 2016 In: News Comments: 0

I wanted to share a story with you about hiring contractors. If you’ve ever had any type of home repair, remodeling, or had a home built, you’ve probably hired a contractor. Hiring the right contractor for the job is essential, and it can mean the difference between a great...

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By: mica On: October 18, 2016 In: News Comments: 0

Our homes are the focal point of most of our lives: we live there, eat there, grow up, and sometimes, come back there. Finding the right people to do any type of custom building or work in your home can be nerve-wracking. It seems like you can either find...

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