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In this month’s blog, Oxland’s Brad Sawler, President of the Seacoast NH Home Builders Association, talks about Tiny House New Hampshire, an initiative designed to renew interest in the building trades and develop the next generation of home builders. Nationwide, we’re experiencing a shortage of skilled tradesmen. “The existing...

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In last month’s blog, we explained how Remodeling magazine’s Annual Cost vs. Value Report is a great tool for homeowners to use when estimating home improvement project costs. In this month’s blog, we’ll discuss how homeowners can also use the report to estimate their return on investment for 29 common home improvement...

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You’re ready to make some serious home improvements, but you have no idea how much your projects will cost. How do you know what will and won’t fit into your budget? You know you should get some comparative estimates, but how do you know if these estimates are reasonable...

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We live in a do-it-yourself era: information is at our fingertips, tools and ideas are more available than ever, and everyone wants to try something new. It’s exciting and adventurous and most of us find it rewarding to say, “I did that myself.” But jumping into the home improvement...

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Did you know? Contractors and home builders in New Hampshire are not required be licensed. Not only that, there is no single, industry-wide licensing program for contractors in New Hampshire, even though this is required in thirty other states. Contractor licensing was the subject of discussion on a recent...

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Brrrrrrr. The cold of winter is here and for most of us, this means spending the majority of our time indoors. With all that time spent inside, you may notice areas needing repair or come up with ideas for remodeling your home’s interior. For many, winter can be the perfect time...

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When winter comes rolling in with freezing precipitation, our houses take a beating. Those icicles might look festive, and may even be considered normal for this time of the year, but they can be silently causing some very significant damage to your house’s siding, roof, and gutters. They are...

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Winter is that season you either love or hate; getting bundled up to brave the cold is an inconvenience to some, while walking through a crystal-covered city is another person’s perfect afternoon. Either way, it takes just a little extra effort to get ready for winter. Keeping your home...

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