Owner of Oxland Builders, LLC

Whether it’s a new home, a remodel, custom woodworking and cabinetry, or the addition of a deck or screened porch, for Oxland Builders the focus is quality. Over the years Oxland founder Brad Sawler has surrounded himself with people who love the process of building and remodeling as much as he does. They are talented and versatile and they share a respect for the way construction should be done: with integrity and with a sense of permanence. For Oxland it’s about building something that will stand for generations. It’s about being there for the customer, too. A bathroom, a kitchen, a new floor, a window installation — or even a minor repair — Oxland customers know they will do it all and they will do it right. For Sawler himself, Oxland’s focus on quality comes from owning the Stratham house he grew up in, a house that has stood for more than two centuries, and which is now the site of his woodshop. The team at Oxland builds new homes that are solid and beautiful, and it restores and transforms old ones. Customers will notice that the Oxland team is as strong as the houses it builds.

We are fully insured, lead safe certified, licensed and covered by workers compensation.

What makes Brad a great builder is all the work he does before picking up a hammer. He thinks through the details, the potential obstacles, and the opportunities to make the project better. As a result, every project he creates is custom and better for his insight and care.
— Josh, Newmarket, NH