You love where you live. But your home no longer meets the needs of your family. You don’t have to move! Whether you want to remodel your kitchen, create living space in your basement, or update your bathroom, professional home remodeling services can turn your house into your dream home. But before you get started, here 5 important tips for remodeling your home.

1. Take time to plan your home remodeling project.

You should never rush a home remodeling project. Take the time to consider everything you want and need–from the functionality to the aesthetic of your remodeled space. Create a detailed dream list to share with your contractor.  

2. Know your budget.

Before you get started on your project, you need to know what you can afford to spend. Your contractor should discuss your budget with you and explain exactly what you can get for your money. “I always discuss our client’s budget and ways to design their remodel within their comfort zone,” explains Brad Sawler, owner of Oxland Builders. “It’s important for clients to have an upfront understanding of how their decisions affect their final price,” he adds.

3. Ask for a 3-D design.

Some companies, like Oxland Builders, offer 3-D design to help clients have a clearer understanding of their remodeling project. “This allows you to virtually walk through your remodeled space before any construction work begins,” Sawler explains.  Having a good understanding of your project can eliminate the need for costly, last minute changes.

4. Make your home remodeling decisions and stick with them.

The best way to ensure the success of your remodeling project is to make important decisions before the work starts. Once you’ve made the major decisions about your home remodel, you need to stick with them. Every time you change your mind, you increase the cost of your project and the time it takes to complete it. Of course, situations may come up on your job, and your builder can talk you through them.

5. Don’t be a distraction.

To keep your project safe and on schedule, try to keep family members–especially small children and pets–out of the construction zone. The home remodeling team will do its best to accommodate the needs of your family, but whatever you can do to help will make it easier for everyone.

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