Often associated with gratitude and Thanksgiving, this month is guaranteed to be another for the record books. Every day 2020 seems to bring new opportunities to focus on what really matters, and personally I feel changed down to my bones by it.

The importance of good health has never been more painfully obvious than when one is going through a global pandemic.  Of course, we’re all aware of short-term efforts to keep the virus at bay: wearing a mask, practicing good hygiene, and social distancing. There are also bigger picture aspects to consider when you factor in the vulnerability of pre-existing conditions or the complexity of our healthcare system.

Another important component to good health is the undeniable advantages that come with physical exercise. I say this not from the standpoint of blood pressure, weight, flexibility, or strength, but as a mechanism for stress management.  As we continue to ride the tumultuous wave of 2020 into the fall and winter, exercise can be a valuable tool to help keep our heads – and spirits – above water.

Implementing a space for exercise at home may be as simple as doing a video from the comfort of your living room or plopping a Peloton in the corner of your master suite.  For those who want to take their game to the next level and have room to spare, creating a designated workout space is a dream come true for many.  Fail proof elements to a home gym include an oversized mirror, whatever gear or equipment tickles your fancy, and a flexible floorplan to accommodate a variety of tasks.

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For November’s chapter of Inspiration is Everywhere, I designed this home gym around a classic car on a wooden bridge.  Since rooms of this nature can easily feel boring with so few furnishings, I focused on a masculine palette to help give the room substance.  A large mirror with rustic chevron frame offers warmth and texture in contrast to medium gray walls.  The contemporary black and gray wool area rug helps to define the space while providing a soft but thin surface to exercise on.  A modern surface mount light fixture introduces the familiar line of our classic car while a clock feels like it’s from a similar era. Accents of black pack a punch to create a timeless space that feels casual and inviting.   

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