Although we strive for excellence across the board, three areas of particular importance to us at Oxland Builders are timeliness, communication, and cleanliness.  In addition to our best practices, we have developed several protocols to promote healthy work conditions in light of the COVID19 pandemic:

  • The best feasible face coverings will be utilized, as appropriate, depending on local and national supply concerns for first responders.  
  • In addition to the use of gloves, handwashing stations will be established for our field team and subcontractors. 
  • Visual cues will be created to ensure recommended distances are maintained on site.
  • Plastic sheathing with zipper doors will be installed to isolate the work zone for dust containment and transmission concerns.
  • An Aeroclean negative air machine will be operated to help filter unwanted particles to support healthier air quality.

Safety is no accident! Looking forward to seeing you again.

The Oxland Builders Team